Microsilver – the problem solver in skin care!

Blemishes, redness and skin that is prone to acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis or couperosis (rosacea) continuously present us with new challenges in our practice. If you add up the frequency of occurrence of these skin problems that dermatologists have to deal with, you quickly arrive at over 20% of the population. This does not include the many preliminary stages such as seborrheic or sensitive skin that may not have been diagnosed dermatologically.

Almost all of these skin conditions have the following in common: the skin's own barrier function is massively impaired and there is a larger than normal volume of external germs on the skin.

An intact skin barrier is very important. If the barrier is damaged,

  • the skin loses moisture, lipids and other important substances,
  • the natural protection against germs and environmental influences is lost,
  • the skin ages faster and
  • secondary infections can occur more easily.

In response to these challenges, we have developed a dermatological skincare series with microsilver, which has been medically and allergologically tested and makes life a lot better, especially when it comes to problematic skin. The effectiveness of the products has been proven by a large number of studies.

Microsilver - the Problem Solver in Dermatological Skin Care!

Why is microsilver the solution?

Studies show that microsilver reduces the bacterial load on the skin in the long term. This enables the skin to rebuild its natural barrier. If you add moisture, lost lipids and other important active ingredients to the skin, you accelerate this process. It has been scientifically proven that using suitable care products can reduce the use of cortisone and other pharmaceuticals.

What is special about microsilver?

Microsilver is a powdered, high-purity (> 99.92%) elemental silver. The average particle size is 10 μm. Microsilver was developed by the Fraunhofer Society. It is manufactured according to medical standards.

Where, and above all how, does microsilver work?

Basically, the silver ions that are generated work wherever the microsilver particles are found. The microsilver particles are large enough to be demonstrably unable to penetrate the skin and mucous membranes, while being small enough to remain in the skin folds and on the hair follicles (cf. the particles marked with white arrows in the previous pictures) in particular. This is exactly where the unwanted, external germs tend to accumulate. Compared to colloidal silver (nanoscale), microsilver is around 100 to 1,000 times larger. Due to their size, the microsilver particles and the silver ions generated remain on the surface of the skin. Studies located the particles and silver ions in the upper third of the stratum corneum. Nothing was detected in deeper skin layers.

The elementary silver particles (microsilver) themselves are not antimicrobial, but the silver ions are. The silver ions are formed on the surface of the skin. They are used up and new silver ions are then formed. Silver ions are released repeatedly for as long as the particles remain in the same place. So what we’re doing is applying a deposit of antimicrobial silver ions on the skin through the elemental silver particles. Since silver ions attack germs in three different ways, they are highly effective even against multi-resistant germs.

The advantages of microsilver:

  • long-lasting deposit effect on the skin – precisely where the external bacteria colonise
  • no penetration to deeper levels of the skin
  • does not influence the skin’s own germ flora

When is microsilver used?

  • For almost all types of skin irritations.
  • For blemished skin that is prone to redness.
  • In all cases of brittle/damaged skin or for skin prone to becoming brittle or damaged.
  • For skin prone to neurodermatitis, psoriasis or couperosis.

REGENO Microsilver Cream

Our Micro Silver Face Cream is a particularly soothing skincare cream and therefore ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. It is designed to have a balancing effect on the skin and alleviate allergic reactions using histamine blocks. With regular use, it can make your skin more resistant to external influences. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave behind an unpleasant film or shine.

The advantages of our Microsilver Face Cream

  • Reduces redness
  • Soothes and regenerates the skin
  • Visibly improves skin appearance
  • Improves skin feeling
  • Reduces itching
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Inflammatory skin conditions appear less frequently with regular use

 After washing, apply sparingly to the face in the morning and evening and gently massage into skin.

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